Get Your Business Online in 1 Day

COVID-19 Lockdowns Impact on My Business


We should all to do our parts during this time, but my business is grinding to a halt unless I find a way to get my products and services to my customers if they cannot come to me

Online Store to Launch

Yes, you will be creating your store as you learn! We will show you how to launch when you are ready

Hands On Learning

Follow along in class as you learn the key steps in setting up your online store from start to finish

Answers For Your Business

A teacher on-hand to answer your individual questions as you are learning

Help your customers shop for your products and services from home

Recorded Courses are Difficult to Follow


I have tried many "On Demand" online courses but find them difficult to follow. I prefer to learn with a "live" teacher who can answer my questions on the spot and help me get things going

Need Help Learning about E-Commerce


I need to learn how to setup my first online store ASAP but don't know where to start. It all seems very complicated and too technical for me, and I'm losing time and money


How This Course WIll Help You

WHat you will gain

Do not miss!

Get One FREE hour of personal coaching to help get your online store to LAUNCH!

The course

This one of a kind Live Instructor-led course will teach you how to setup an online store in ONE DAY using Shopify's robust e-commerce platform.

Students can have their questions answered in real-time.


‣Understanding Shopify Reports
‣Configuring Facebook Pixel
‣Configuring Google Analytics
‣Shopify Campaigns
‣Customer Management


‣Naming Your Store
‣Custom Pages
‣Adding Legal Policies
‣Customizing a Theme
‣Shopify Apps
‣Payment Gateways and Billing

‣Tax and Shipping Options


‣Adding Products
‣Setting Inventory
‣Configuring Discounts
‣Sales Channels


By the end of the class all the essentials of setting up an online store on Shopify will be covered. Students will go through the practical exercise of setting up their own Shopify Online Store during the class.


All classes are live online via Zoom (no additional cost). Students can follow along with their online store setup using individual Shopify test accounts (provided by the course).

  • Saturday, April 24, 2021
    1pm - 5pm Eastern Time (with a break)
  • Saturday, May 1, 2021
    1pm - 5pm Eastern Time (with a break)

Just $79 (includes a FREE HOUR of personal coaching normally priced at $75/hr!)

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee (see Refund Policy for details)

COURSE DELIVERY: Live Online (via Zoom)
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Digital Commerce Cafe gave a great presentation and training on how to setup an e-commerce store on Shopify...I definitely recommend this training for anyone looking to setup an e-commerce site.

~ Christine R.

Any online business owner has a lot to gain from this training. The facilitator was also great. He took his time to explain how and what we needed to know to successfully run an online business.

~ Esperanza O.


Before You Go

Don't miss this opportunity to GROW your business to a wider online audience.

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How long is the class?
The class is scheduled for 4 hours which includes a short break to allow everyone to stretch

How long after the class do I have to take advantage of the Free hour of 1-on-1 coaching?
You will have one month from the date of the class to schedule your free 1 hour coaching session with the instructor

Is there any pre-work required before the class begins?
The only pre-work that is recommended is for you to have an idea of the products or services you want to sell online. The more prepared you are with knowing your own business the better placed you are to ask questions during the class.

Do you offer refunds?
Refunds can be issued prior to the start of the class under certain conditions (see our Refund Policy for more).

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee offers you a full refund up to 24 hours after completing the course if you are unhappy with the class for any reason.

What if I cannot finish setting up my online store by the end of the class?
By the end of the class you would have created a fully functional online store. Of course there may be additional configurations you need to make before launching which is why we offer the FREE hour of 1-on-1 personal coaching after the class.

Do I need a Zoom account?
It certainly helps if you use the Zoom app, but if you do not have an account no worries, you can still access the browser version! You only need the free Zoom account for this course, click the button for more information.

How is this class different from recorded online courses
There are many very good on-demand courses available on the internet. This class is created for business owners who want to fast forward to the practical side of applying what they are learning in real-time toward their business. Our instructor is available hand-on to support with any questions and focus the class on what is necessary to build an online store using Shopify. Click the below button for more information on Live Online vs On-Demand.

Are Shopify stores legit?
Simple answer: Yes. The Shopify platform is very powerful and robust. While there are many people that abuse the platform, it is still a trusted choice for millions of successful storeowners.